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You can contact free Helpdesk in all technical questions concerning this visual identity bank and its content. Please use the form or contact by email.

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1. What artwork are you trying to use?
Logo 2. File format

2. File format I don’t know how to answer this
Freehand, FH EPS Windows Metafile, WMF
Illustrator, AI TIF GIF
CorelDraw, CDR PDF JPG
Photoshop, PSD Other:

3. What program are you using? I don’t know how to answer this
Microsoft Word  Microsoft Powerpoint
Macromedia Freehand Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Illustrator QuarkXpress
CorelDraw Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop Other:

4. What is your operating system? I don’t know how to answer this
Windows Macintosh
Linux Other:

5. What are you producing?
offset or newsprint Office document
digital print presentation, on screen/projected
Internet graphics presentation, transparencies
video other:

6. What is your printer model? (brand, model, PostScript Level version)

7. Describe your problem. Please record all error messages in detail:

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